Craps Rules


Most of the 'official' rules of craps are embedded in their betting schematics. You will find this information on the How To Play Craps and Craps Strategy pages of this site. However, our Craps Rules pages pertain to those items that are outside the betting scheme rules of the game, and are more of a set of guidelines that ensure the best possible gaming experience for you. These are the rules we follow when playing, and they keep us on the strait and narrow path which leads to winning!! We've provided an Online Craps quick tips cheat sheet, which can be referred to at any time for instant help on how to move forward during your game of craps. We have also included some helpful information on Craps Terminology, much of which is unique to the game itself, and hence requires explanation. And last but not least, there is a guide to wagering the place bets, one of the most popular betting styles in the game.

Having once been new to the game of Online Craps myself, I only wish I had the opportunity you now have to be handed on a silver platter, all the relevant information that will ensure I have a fighting chance at some rather huge winnings if I play my cards right, or shall we say roll my dice right. No, I didn't have this luxury when I was starting out. However you have all the resources you need right here to become king of the craps table. By learning these simple Rules Of Craps , you will ensure that your game is not caught up in a lengthy and powerful loosing streak. Self discipline and will power play as large a role in your success as wise wagering does. We're confident that after reviewing this information, you will be ready to hit the craps table like an unimaginable force. No, you will not magically transform into Flash, but you will possess the valuable knowledge that can take your game to heights you had not previously even envisioned. Good luck, and may you not 'crap out' anytime soon.


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