Craps Payout Odds


While Online Craps does have some of the best odds and most favorable house edge scenarios, as with any casino game, there are always big money rolls that could yield huge Craps Payouts, but involve significant risk. This is why we call it gambling and is often where the real adrenaline rush lies. A big money roll means that if you put a lot of money down on the table on certain bets, you ca win a lot of money. However, these bets rarely are successful and are extremely risky. You can win fast money, but you are more likely to lose fast money instead. Here are the bets that are the most risky bets to make because the probability is that you will lose money rather than make money should you wager using these betting styles.


House Edge

Like any other business owners, Online Craps casinos are in business to make money. To do this, they want the house edge to be in their favor as much as possible, hence the higher the house edge, the more they have the advantage and thus make more money. If your Craps Payouts odds were 50-50 with the house, the house edge would be even, no advantage. There further you get from even, the more advantage the house has. The house edge is impacted by the true odds versus what the online casinos pays you at. For example, the flip of a coin that is paid $2 for a $2 bet reflects true odds. However, if the casino pays you less, like $1.50 on a win, the house advantage goes up (you win less - they lose less). The true odds for a Place Bet on a 4 or 10 is 2 to 1. Most casinos pay 9 to 5 odds which is less for you, thus the house advantage increases.

Here are the worst craps bets that you can make as they have the greatest House Edge and the lowest Craps Payout Odds:


Bet House Edge Payout
Any 7 (1 roll bet)  16.67% 4 to 1
12 or 2 (1 roll bet) 13.89% 30 to 1
Horn Bet 12..5% varies
11 or 3 (1 roll bet) 11.11% 15 to 1
Any craps (1 roll bet)  11.11% 7 to 1
Hardway 4 & 10 11.11% 7 to 1
Hardway 6 & 8 9.09% 9 to 1
Big 6/Big 8 9.09% even money


You can make a lot of money on a 30 to 1 payout, however the odds are bad against the necessary roll occurring to win this bet. These are not good bets, and if you do bet on them, expect to lose more often than you win.  Read our Best Bets In Online Craps section for resources to help you bet with a more favorable approach, and our Craps Money Management section to learn how to not let the game get the best of you!


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