Understanding The House Edge On Craps


The House Edge On Crap s is how much advantage the online casino has over you, which varies depending on which type of wager you are placing. You want this number to be as low as possible.  For example, a coin toss is a 50-50 chance; if the payout is 1:1, this would be true odds, and if you bet $1 you would also make $1 for wining. However, a house edge increases if they you less than a $1.


Here is what True Odds look like as compared to Online Craps Casino offered odds for Hardway Bets:


Hardway Bet

True Odds

Casino Odds

House Edge

2 + 2 8 to 1 7 to 1 11.1%
3 + 3 10 to 1 9 to 1 9.1%
4 + 4 10 to 1 9 to 1 9.1%
5 + 5 8 to 1 7 to 1 11.1%

One of the best bets in craps (and in any other online casino game) is to take odds on a bet.  Some Online Craps Casinos will have a number by the craps table such as 1x, 2x, or a number like that, up to 100x.  This means that on certain bets you can 'add on' the maximum odds allowed by the online casino that you are playing at.  This is not an independent bet, but the add on odds are being attached to another bet.  The only time odds can be added for a pass bet or a come bet is after a point is established.  This greatly reduces the House Edge On Craps as evidenced by the following chart:


Odds Taken House Edge for Pass Bet House Edge for Come Bet
No odds taken 1.41% 1.36%
1X 0.85% 0.69%
2X 0.61% 0.46%
3X 0.47% 0.34%
5X 0.33% 0.23%
100X 0.02% 0.01%


As you ca see, it is definitely worth it to do a little research to determine the odds being offered and to locate an online casino that offers add on odds.  Once you learn how to utilize this feature, you can virtually shrink the Craps House Edge as close to 0% as possible.  


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