Craps Money Management


The first rule of gambling, whether you are playing online or face to face at a brick and mortar casino, don't bring more money to the table than you are willing to, and can afford to lose. Make sure your financial responsibilities are covered before you consider spending anything at the online craps table.Online Craps Money Management is imperative to having a truly rewarding online gaming experience. This may sound like an easy common sense concept, but you'd be surprised how many people use their mortgage payment to play online craps with and really think they'll just win and double their money and put the mortgage money back into their checking account. Really bad idea!!


OK, once you've decided that you have some extra money to play with, the next step is deciding how you will use your money when playing. This is the bulk of the responsibility in Craps Money Management. You need to plan out how many Online Craps sessions you want to engage in, and divvy your funds out accordingly. If you have a budget for each session, you are less tempted to dip back into your bank account for more, which is a bad idea since you're already withdrawn what you consider to be your 'extra play money'. Self imposed limits such as these can save you from huge mistakes, and they should be well thought out ahead of time.


If you are loosing, don't play down until you've lost your last dollar. Always walk away, or in the case of Online Craps, click away from the table with a few dollars left. It will be something you can put towards a future session of gaming, and you never want to lose everything you're playing with. If you are winning, which we always hope is the case, then put your original starting stake and a little profit aside. As you continue to win, keep putting part of the profit aside into your saved pile. You can play with what's left and have a great time without risking your initial investment and will save some of the profit. This is a tough rule to stick to sometimes, but finding the discipline to do so is well worth the effort.


Discipline and the ability to walk away are the two key elements to successful Online Craps Money Management. If you lose, well then you lose. Don't get overly emotional and get stuck on having to even the score. If you're lucky enough to have won right off the bat, set your starting stake and profit aside right away. If the tide changes and you start loosing, walk away. Don't get stuck in the mindset that just because you haven't been engaged in the session for a long time that you have to continue to play. Be grateful for your winning moments and move on. Stay ahead of the game financially.

There are some betting strategies out there that would contradict wise money management. Most seasoned players will tell you that these strategies don't really mean anything and don't work. Stick to the bets with a favorable house edge, play free odds, and learn probability statistics. Don't be over anxious to win tons of money immediately. Be patient and be willing to grow your bankroll at a steady pace most of the time, with the big money rolls being a rare and exciting splurge you occasionally engage in.


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